The Landscape Photography of Alex H. Hamilton:

 Gallery of Monochrome Work

On this page you will find samples of Alex Hamilton's black-and-white photography. The negatives no longer exist, but in any case much of the skill displayed in these prints was exercised by manipulation of the images in the darkroom. Copyright in these images is held by his estate, but if you wish to download any for personal use you are very welcome to do so. Because of the limitations of the copies used to create this page, the images shown here are not representative of the quality of the originals. Anyone wishing to have higher-quality copies made for private or commercial purposes should e-mail Alastair Hamilton in the first instance. Most of the original prints are approximately 20" by 16".

The Photographs

There are nine. Please click on the small images below to open larger versions.

On the Lanarkshire Avon

Spring Landscape near Loch Lomond

The Dreaming River

An Autumn Morning



Sunny Interlude

Wings in the Wind

By the loch

By the loch

Outward Bound


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